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Asia Re-board Training (ART) is a program to support a customer in conducting Re-board business.

We have completely overhauled the Re-board training course and put together a new improved program. The ARTs in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan will both serve the growing demand for Re-board training, design and technical support.

Post Training Support
The ARTs provide full post training support on a 'Pay as you Need' basis. As a Partner your Design and Technical enquiries will be handled by highly skilled ART designers, technicians and sales team, supported by Stora Enso Re-board HQ. Firm quotes based on eur100/hr for Design and Technical Support, the ARTs are able to assist you to succeed with Re-board.

Regarding payment and shipping TEL:+81-6-6578-0190

Re-board + ArtiosCAD & Kongsberg Training

At Asia Re-board training (ART) , you can learn how to not only Re-board, but also operate ArtiosCAD software/Kongsberg cutter.
This is an original special Asian program. At NSK, we have set up equipments and a knowledge base. You can receive the best training using these equipment and knowledge base. To perform better business, we would like to team up with you to solve your problems and answer your questions.
NSK is willing to be your partner and support your business.

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1.Next Schedule

When we have 3 minimum participants, we would like to hold ART training.

ART(Asia Re-board Training)

16th-17th of May 2017

ArtiosCAD Re-board Design Training

18th -19th of May 2017


  € 2,250.00
    per person & training

If a customer takes two consecutive sessions of ArtiosCAD Re-board Design Training and ART, he or she is entitled to EUR500 discount from the total cost.

3.Training Program


Regarding payment and shipping TEL:+81-6-6578-0190