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NSK Privacy Policy

NSK protects the private information of its customers and does not give it to third parties. Please read the following terms regarding NSK’s Privacy Policy.

NSK User’s Club Privacy Policy
The private information used on the NSK User’s Club contains the customer’s name, address, phone number, email address, and access history.

User Information Confidentiality
All of the data received regarding our customers is strictly guarded and is only used with the confines of the NSK User’s Club website. No information is given without permission to any third party. However, with the permission of the customer, NSK will send occasional emails to the customer’s email address.

Acquisition of Customer Information
1) The NSK User’s Club can recognize each invidual user. However, if the customer does not allow the NSK User’s Club to aquire the necessary information (name, company name, address, phone number, email address, etc.), then this feature cannot be used.
2) For strictly research purposes, NSK will record the domain name, access time and browser used for every visitor that visits the NSK User’s Club.
3) No personal information will be automatically gathered. However, in order to make our customer’s visit to the NSK User’s Club as easy as possible, NSK uses cookies.

A “cookie” is a file or code that is used to identify the user. The cookie can be used to determine when the customer last visited the site and where in the site s/he visited. Cookies contain no personal information. NSK does this to determine what services our customers are most interested in. If the customer does not wish to use cookies with the NSK User’s club, this feature can be disabled within your Internet browser settings.

Usage of Personal Information
NSK understands its customers and aims to provide only the products and services and are relevant to each customer. There are cases where NSK and another company have an agreement to share personal information, but only for the reasons previously stated in this document. NSK will not give out any personal information to third parties otherwise.

Disclosure of Personal Information
As a fundamental rule for NSK, no personal information is given to any third parties without the prior agreement of the customer. However, NSK will reveal the information of its customers if ordered to do so by a court of law or other law-enforcing agent.

Handling of Personal Information
NSK assumes full responsibility for the personal information gathered by the NSK User’s Club. The persons responsible for the maintaining of the website have all agreed by written document not to reveal any of the customers information.

A Request for a Customer’s Information
The NSK website has a Customer Corner where we periodically show how our various customers have benefited from using NSK services. The information that is displayed in the Customer Corner is done so with the full permission and knowledge of the customer him/herself. The customer who volunteers this information must be aware that it will be viewed by anyone who visits the NSK User’s Club. NSK is not responsible for any of this information being copied by another user.

When Using this Site
By using this website, the user is agreeing to the NSK User’s Club Privacy Policy. Changes may be made to this policy without prior notice, so please check back periodically to ensure you are up to date.