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About Shipping Prices

購入 Method of Payment

CAD data and products must be paid for in advance. After receiving your order, we will let you know our bank account information to pay by email. Please pay the bank transfer fee.

If you have any questions, please contact nskinfo@nsksystem.com

送料 Shipping Cost

*Products are shipped from Japan.
Shipping fees are paid by the customer. After confirming your address, we will inform you of the shipping cost by email.

納期について Delivery Date

*Products that can be delivered within a day
If ordered before noon, it will be shipped on that day. Depending on stock of items, some products cannot be shipped same-day.

*Delivery Date
Depending on available stock, items may be shipped 1-10 days after ordering. We will let you know if delivery will be delayed.

返品について Returned Products

Purchased Products
If your order is damaged or incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible and send it back to us within 10 days. We will replace the damaged or incorrect items. If we do not have a replacement in stock, we will refund payment for the item. Please contact us about damaged or incorrect shipments below: nskinfo@nsksystem.com

Purchased Data
Generally, we do not allow cancellation of data orders. However, if you find an error or damaged data, we will pay you back.
Please contact us with errors or issues below: nskinfo@nsksystem.com