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For first time customers

An introduction to the NSK User's Club Service

Connect you with your needs
This is the NSK web service, NSK User's Club.

Hello and welcome to the NSK User's Club. Here, you will experience a revolution in online shopping where we provide the only place on the internet that allows you to shop for specialty consumables and Artios CAD standard data.

Purchase Guide

About our products

This site is broken into two parts: "Artios CAD (Content Sales)" and "Consumables"

■Items in the data cart can be downloaded instantly after purchased.
■Items placed in your shopping cart can be purchased after entering your mailing address and making the payment.
  For more information on how to use each cart, please refer below.

How to login

Login in from the top of any page.

You may login at any page

After loggin in your company name is displayed.

How to use the Data Cart


1. Data List Page

When you find the design data or standard data you would like to purchase, simply click on the "Buy" button located to the right.

2.販売データ 詳細ページ

2. Data Details Page

Click the View Item button to open the details and a 3D model of the design.

To purchase the data, click Add to Data Cart at the bottom.


3. Data Cart

The items you have placed in the appear as a list.

After gathering all of the the items you need, please read the User's Agreement and click "I Agree."

Then, click on "Purchase" to advance to the payment screen.

Click on "Download" at the download page to download a .zip file of the purchased data.


4. Data Purchase History

You can check your previously purchased data by view the Data Purchase History.

You may download data purchased within the past 24 hours as many times as you like.