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Design data input service

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We have been offering CAD data downloading service to our members. In recent years, we have received number of requests from our members who would like to have their original CAD data which are not in our template line up.

Thus, we started the CAD design data input service to help our members for more productivity.

This service will be helpful with your on-season and daily basis CAD operations.

If you are good at making structure designs for packages however have never done displays or have number of ideas but do not have enough time to make them realize, use our service to help your needs.

All you need is a drawing in handwriting and the dimension information.

We have been offering design specific products and supports in Japan. With our knowledge, we will offer various designs from packages, displays for folding carton, corrugated board and Re-board rigid paper.

Contact us for more details. (This service is provided only in English and Japanese)
TEL:+813-3276-3276 (contact personnel: CAD input service) e-mail:nskinfo@nsksystem.co.jp