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Product Name: Floor Display Set

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Summary We gathered convenient floor displays. It is a drawing that is useful for modifying it based on these as basic drawings.
(From the left in the photo above)
1.Three-stage shelf / H [1015mm] W [432mm] D [352mm] ...More
2.Mooned Catalog Rack / H [1080mm] W [250mm] D [480mm] ...More
3.Stacking Tray B / H [1265mm] W [404mm] D [260mm]...More
4.3 Floored Display / H [1141mm] W [305mm] D [535mm] ...More
5.Openable Display / 
Height[1120mm (If you stuck the three)] you can adjust the height by stacking the parts.
Width [320mm] Depth [280mm] (Maximum: 380mm) ...More
Materials 1.Three-stage shelf - B/F Corrugated board
2.Mooned Catalog Rack - A/F,AA/F Corrugated board
3.Stacking Tray B - B/F,A/F Corrugated board
4.3 Floored Display - B/F Corrugated board
5.Openable Display - E/F Corrugated board
Author NSK
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