1. Any customer can use the data purchasing service (hereby referred to as SERVICE by following the rules stated in these Terms of Use).
    By using SERVICE, the customer agrees to the contents of the Terms of Use completely.
  2. The conditions stated in this agreement may be altered when necessary and without warning. Please review this agreement when you make a purchase.

Services Provided by Nihon Seizuki Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  1. An Internet connection is required in order to use SERVICE. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide the necessary devices, etc. for connection.
    Nihon Seizuki Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereby referred to as NSK) will not provide any support to the customer regarding his/her Internet service and/or connection.
  2. NSK provides an array of services, all of which have the possibility of being expanded, edited, or deleted.
    However, while NSK permits access to the services provided, NSK cannot guarantee the contents or reliable providing of these services.

Privacy Policy

  1. NSK follows the guidelines stated in the NSK Privacy Policy regarding all personal and individual information that is received from the customer.
  2. In addition, by using NSK's services, the customer agrees to the following: In the case of late payments, causing damage or loss to a third party, etc.
    that result in a violation of the Terms of Use or any other abusive or illegitimate use, NSK reserves the right to access the customer's data, including name and address, to contact said customer.

Regarding Copyrights

  1. The rights of the data provided by NSK are not the property of NSK, but of the creator of said data.
  2. NSK cannot guarantee the safety of the customer's Protect Number or password. Please log out after you have finished using the NSK Users' Club.
  3. The selling or redistribution in any way of downloaded data without the copyright owner's permission is strictly prohibited.

Customer Protect Number and Password

  1. Please contact NSK immediately if you believe your ID or password has been stolen.
  2. NSK cannot guarantee the safety of the customers Protect Number or password, so please logout after you have finished using the NSK User's Club.


  1. The customer's order is completed when the data to be bought is added to the Shopping Cart, the Terms of Use are agreed to, and the Purchase button is clicked.
  2. *Caution
    Selected data is purchased and payment is received at the moment the customer clicks on the Purchase button
    The invoice for the amount purchased will be sent to the corporate or private representative of the customer that is logged in.

    Please contact NSK is you believe there has been a mistake with your order.
    TEL:+81-6-6578-0190 (Japan Standard Time)
    When you contact NSK, please state that you are calling to cancel an order made from the NSK Users' Club.

Resale/redistribution is prohibited

  1. Any reproduction, copying, distribution and/or resale of the services that NSK provides is strictly prohibited.
    Any violation will result in closure of the customer's account and possible legal prosecution.


  1. All access to the NSK User Club is the responsibility off the customer and any damage or loss resulting from the fraudulent copying of NSK User's Club is not the responsibility of NSK.
  2. NSK cannot guarantee that
      1. every service can be provided to every customer.
      2. no errors will ever occur while visiting the NSK User's Club.
      3. all information provided by NSK service is accurate.
      4. goods, service and information will be provided within the time requested by the customer.
      5. no error or bugs will occur when using data.
  3. The customer is responsible for downloading purchased data.
  4. Any information that the customer received from NSK ultimately is applicable only if within the constraints of the Terms of Usage.

Limitations of Compensation Liability

  1. NSK will not be held responsible for compensation to the customer if any damage or loss is related to
    1. the usage or non-usage of NSK's services.
    2. the need to exchange or delete data due to a mistaken purchase.
    3. any other cause of damage or loss.


  1. NSK does not guarantee the standard data of the NSK User's Club.
  2. NSK assumes no responsibility for any accident or damage that occurs by using NSK User's Club standard data.

Change in Service Contents

  1. The contents of services provided by the NSK User's Club may be changed without prior notice.

Breach of Terms of Usage

  1. If the customer witnesses any action that may be deemed as a breach of the Terms of Usage, please contact NSK immediately.